Gas Lines

Gas Line Repairs

Some of the greatest threats around your Cypress home might be hidden – such as gas leaks. Avoiding these hidden dangers and alerting your family to this danger can be as simple as checking your appliances regularly and buying a few, affordable alarms.

Leaking gas from gas lines can cause asphyxiation (the inability to breathe which leads to suffocation) and dangerous explosions. Luckily this kind of gas that your stove or heater uses, has a strong odor added to them -so you can smell these leaks. If you smell this gas in your home, please act quickly.

At YB Plumbing, we have highly experienced professionals that can test and locate your gas lines using a variety of methods to quickly get you up and running again safely.

If you are looking for this type of service for the Cypress area, then call us today at 832-275-2440 or complete our online service request.